Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pride and Prejudice-Insight Edition

Is it possible to improve on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice? Perhapes enhance is a better word. In which case, yes, you can. And the editors at Bethany House have done that through little known facts and dialogue throughout the book.

The same version as previously printed, it is peppered with notations in the margin that address historical details, comments on the charactors and plot, referances of faith, or just parts of the novel that make us smile. For instance, letter writing in England being compared to modern day email. Or how the novel relates to the 1753 Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act. Or what the A&E mini series has to do with Mrs. Bennett. It's not stuffy like a commentary, but rather informative. It reads like an insiders back stage pass to one of the greatest shows ever.

This book leaves me wanting just one additional piece of information, though. Would the editors at Bethany House enhance other popular novels the same way? The Insight Edition is a superior literary idea that needs expanding to include other works. Why would a reader settle for just a novel when you can read the story behind the story at the same time? This edition has spoiled me, in a way. Now I want to find the same marginal notes in every book I pick up. All in good time, I hope. All in good time.