Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Sequels Are Here!!!

Who could forget Maggie's embarrasing proposal to minister William Locklin, aka Zack Hartley? Or the reason the minister, who performed all of the ministerial duties well, seemed to be harboring a secret? The Bachelors Puzzle by Judith Pella was told around the activities of "quilting" and fortunately for the reader, Sisters Choice picks up with the same charactors we love and the same quilting activites. Book 2 in the Patchwork Circle series is full of young girls vying for the role of Colby's wife, including Maggie. A somewhat immature and careless young woman, she employs some help in pushing mother nature along. So she thinks. Tamara Brennan gets in her way and Evan may be her way through to Colby.

Another entertaining, light read from Pella, released on March 1st by Bethany House. You can order the book through their website on the side bar.

In a much anticipated release, The Forbidden by Beverly Lewis continues where The Parting left off. In book 2 of The Courtship of Nellie Fisher series, we continue the journey of courting between Nellie Fisher and Caleb Yoder. The town has been split however, in it's theory regarding Old Order Amish rules and whether to allow some new things. Like tractors. With this split in motion, the families of Nellie and Caleb find themselves on opposite ends of the argument, which has complicated matters for them.

You can not go wrong with Lewis as an author. She takes us back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to continue the story of Nellie Fisher. As with alot of her books, you will find it rich in Amish details with a smattering of romance and always ending with a powerful message. The Forbidden will be released on May 1st.