Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Readers FAQ
Do you review anything besides published books?
I typically review published material, but am open to unpublished manuscripts as well. As a writer and reviewer, it has been my pleasure to have access to both published and unpublished pieces. You may see an occasional review on an unpublished piece, but only if the prospect of being published is obvious. There also may be an occasional review on a magazine, article or internet article if the content is unique and informative.

Do you ever post a bad review?
I am motivated by the positive side of life, and bring that into my reviews. Less than desirable aspects may be included, but will not be the focus of the review. If I can not give a positive review, I will not post one.

What if I want to comment on a review?
You may email any comments or questions regarding a review to me and I will personally respond to all inquiries.

Fact or fiction?
Both. I specialize in christian based fiction and non-fiction books.

Why review?
The process to getting a piece published is long and can be painstakingly difficult. Sometimes it comes easy, others, a writer endures writers block and other issues that can be discouraging. To finally see their work in print is the culmination of months, sometimes years of work. Once the book is published, you can never advertise enough. Some wonderful books fell victim to dust mites in a book store only because there was not enough advertising. Word of mouth is the vehicle to getting a book into the hands of readers. I weigh my words carefully, trying to be accurate in my perspective without exaggerating or undermining the intent of the author. I discuss plot, styles of writing and background on the author if pertinent. I consider my reviews a mini-advertisement for the book.

Should I buy or not buy a book based on your review?
Keep in mind that my review, as with any reviewer, is a personal opinion. Though prefessional and seasoned, it may or may not describe the book as you would. Hopefully, a review will spark a greater interest in the book for you instead of determining whether you actually read it or not.