Friday, April 04, 2008

Beloved Leah

Leah was not the "pretty" one, but Jacob confided in her and she bore his children. Leah was a strong woman in inner strength and in her love for Jacob.

This account written in novel form is eye opening not only to the complexities in sharing a husband, but also in the life a woman lived years ago. You end the book feeling thankful that you have modern opportunities, yet sad that the book couldn't continue forever. It is written to capture your attention and that, it does. I would have never read The Red Tent if it hadn't been for the superior writing in this book. It created an interest for learning about the women of the Bible and the lives they led. Our ancestors held much womanly wisdom in dealing with our husbands, children but most importantly other women. We tend to view other women as competition now. Back then, women held a sisterly bond for one another.

This book is excellent. Be prepared to have your mind expanded and your interest sparked