Friday, April 04, 2008

Natural Birth and the Faith Filled Mother

The title says it all. This book is aimed for an audience that believes in natural birth and has a strong belief in God. Birthing unassisted with nothing except faith in God is Camacho's ideal method. However, even those that have long-hailed the path to birth paved by OB's and hospitals as superior will learn and possibly change their opinion after reading this book.

This book is many things. First, a handbook on why and how-to have an unassited birth. It gives a strong argument on why it is possible and how. This method is not for an easily swayed mind-set, so Camacho goes to great length dispelling the myths that come with the territory. You wonder after reading her arguments, why a gentle, unassisted birth ever gave way to the medical establishments ideal. But then again, she addresses that, too.

Second, Camancho shares from her experiences, and what woman can't glean some wisdom from anothers experience? She masterfully details her struggles and it is easily understood in her down to earth manner of writting. You feel as if you are there with her, watching, hearing, smelling and partaking of her struggles and joys.

Third, her poetry, excerpts from pregnancy journals and previously written articles entangle you in their pure honesty. She is not one to beat around the bush or mince her words. You know exactly what she was feeling. I cried in her losses and cried when she succeeded. You can't help but be swept up in the drama and thrill of her births and losses.

If you are a "birthjunkie" and love all things birth, you will want this book. If you think OB's and hospitals are the only way to deliver, you'll want this book. If you believe God has all things in his control-even birth-you will want this book. Camancho is gentle and non-preachy. She is knowledgable and vulnerable. This book will be around for a long time!