Friday, May 18, 2007

Long Time no Post...Not anymore!!

Whoa mama!! The things I would have liked to have blogged about recently!! So here are a few of the things on my mind:

Rosie!!! Thank heavens Bill O'Reilly is on her tail. No one else seems to think her perceived right to be mean and cruel is wrong. He said recently that if she didn't back down, he was going to expose every controversial thing she has said since being on The View to ABC and put the heat on them for allowing her to stay this long on their network. Sure, she's out of there in June, but what is their excuse for keeping her this long? And he read some of the things on the list and ABC will have a lot to answer for. Rosie dear, the only right you have is to remain silent. We would all appreciate it.

The other morning she announced that Jerry Falwell had passed. She flipped the card and said "Whatever". Of course he spoke out frequantly against gay rights. But if she is entitled to her pro-gay opinions, can't he have an anti-gay opinion without being disrespected? Hmmm. Didn't think about that one, Rosie, did you? Her disrespect for anyone that does not embrace what she embraces is as bigoted as it gets. That is not name calling-that is truth in black-and-white.

Is anyone else upset about Merlinda being booted from American Idol? C'mon, America. You totally got this one wrong. Her talent is so much superior than that of Blake. He is unique and certainly has talented, but not more than my girl Merlinda. It should be Jordan and Merlinda going to the Kadak Theator with Merlinda winning. Simple.

A 57 year old woman was assaulted in a Catholic church at 12:30 AM while saying her prayers and writting in her journal. She ended up stabbing the assaulter in the neck several times with her writting pen. The guy has been apprehended and facing a judge thanks to survelience cameras set up around the church. So my question is why did this woman choose 12:30 AM to go to the church? I am cautious about going to Walmart in broad daylight, let alone to a church, alone, in the middle of the night. I am, of course ignorant to the Catholic way so if this is normal for Catholics, I do not mean to slander you. It just seems unsafe to me. If she was my mother, I would have been upset that she went in the middle of the night alone.

Tammy Faye Bakker Messner, battling cancer for years, may be at the end of her battle. At 65 pounds, and told by doctors there is nothing else they can do for her, she still manages to get out everyday and shop. That is spunk. That is determination. She told Larry King that she is not afraid to go to heaven, she is just afraid to die. Doestn't that sum up all of our thoughts? I am not afraid to move into my eternity, but getting there....I don't know.

I used to work in a hospital in the Radiology Department. One day as I was transporting a patient back to her room, I felt something very strong, something almost on the level of environmental elecricity because you could feel a charge but see nothing. When we got back to her room, I realized she had passed. (I was not told how close she was by the tech. They didn't even know. She was in her 70's with a DNR order.) This is my point. It was a moment in time, but I remember it. There was no cheering or announcing as when a birth is happening. It is almost, well, unceremonious. It just......happens. So maybe we shouldn't fear it. But we do. It is the unknown we fear, and not having experienced it before, we all wonder. Even I, after seeing it, feeling it, I still wonder myself.

My prayers are with you Tammy. I know you'll be just fine!!!!