Friday, May 18, 2007

You Do the Time if You Do the Crime

If you violate probation, you should:
a. Expect to be able to talk your way out of the penalty
b. Go straight to jail
c. Make excuses and finger point

Paris Hilton claims that the judge is being too hard on her. I mean, after all, what did she do that was so bad? Only violate her probation. But hey, appearantly alot of the population expects the judge to wink and give her a pass because she is a celeb. In fact, there are many "Save Paris" petitions out there.

Maybe I am in the minority but here goes. If you were my daughter, I'd have you do the time just to give you a wake up call. The name Hilton and a tv show on the E! network can't save you from the consequances of breaking the law. It's time to take some responsibility.

Many claim she will emerge from jail a different person. I hope. We'll just have to see.