Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus Fired!

Imus has been fired from MSNBC for referring to a girls basketball team as "nappy headed hos". Should this be very surprising coming from a shock-jock? Isn't that why people tuned in to him-to hear the shock value? Yet, the same people that tuned in for shocking statements have decided he is way out of line. Stabbed in the back by the folks that created you.

Yes. This is so wrong it's not funny. Howard Stern, THE biggest shock jock currently on Sirrus radio has been left alone for years. Let's overlook the comments against women and their body parts, referring to some in a very negative way, making fun of retarted and handicapped people, but let's hang Imus for his remarks. The inconsistancy in our society really burns me up.

Let's forget Rosie O'Donnell accused Kelly Ripa of being homophobic, the government of blowing up building #7. That's freedom of speech. I don't get it.

Please someone explain why some can get away with saying some of the most despicable things, and yet others can't. Why is Rosie hailed as queen-of-blabber-mouth and Imus gets fired? Racial comments are no worse than gay accusations, anti-government spew, or bashing the mentally/physically challenged. We can not place a priority on wrong. We can't overlook it over here, but accept it here.

So. Fire Imus for saying racial statements. That's cool. But fire Rosie and Howard Stern and others for their comments, too. Otherwise, one would believe that it's not about the actual comment, but about micromanagement.

Racial slurs should never be muttered. But those are no where near the worst that can be said. Imus should get his seat back. Unless ofcourse, Rosie and Howard lose theirs.