Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I hope you spoil the one you love and get spoiled by the one you love.

I finished yet another book, The Queenmaker by India Edghill. It was her premier novel and ranked right up there with The Red Tent. Maybe even better. It is the story of Michal and David, who later becomes King David over Isreal and Judea.

I have had an interest in all things medical since I was a teenager. The one thing that ruined my aspirations of becoming a surgeon was watching a bunion operation on tv. When they broke the bone, the sound was very distinct. I decided then and there it was not for me. I did eventually end up working in the Radiology Dept and ER of a hospital. The stint was short lived, probably due to my over-sensitive nature-that desire to heal and make all things better with a happy ending. It doesn't always happen and for someone like me, it was not a career match.

Combining my love of all things written and the medical field, I've read just about every biography and autobiography out there. I've also done an extensive scan of the i'net trying to find the best blogs and informative sites. I recently came across It is geared for the loved ones of those in a coma. It is unusual, as it even has a page devoted to what to expect in the ICU, complete with a run down on the staff and machines you'd see in there. I've never seen a website quite like it-especially since it is sponsored by an attorney.

The babies are sil found out she is having a boy! It'll be a few weeks yet before my sister finds out. For now...GO BLUE!!