Monday, February 26, 2007

Breastfeeding 101

Here are some crazy facts:

Breasts are babyfood. Their primary purpose is to provide nutrition and comfort to a baby/child.

Breasts have an alternative function and that's for visual stimulation, and alot of women take that very seriously and invest thousands to create a visually attractive bosom.

You as an adult can sit in a restaurant with your bosom hanging halfway out of your shirt and eat a casual dinner, but babies that are breastfed can not eat in a discret manner in a public place lest there be an outcry to take it to the public bathroom.

Partial public nudity, for the sake of selling an item, gaining a mate, stimulation or just for recreation is encouraged while total discret breastfeeding is considered indecent.

Extended breastfeeding is defined in our culture as breastfeeding past the age of 6 months but not past the age of 1 year. If you breastfeed, or as it is referred to as nursing for comfort, past the childs age of 2, you are threatened with a call to DFACS for child endangerment and child abuse. I have known many that had to deal with DFACS because they chose to nurse beyond age 2. Never mind the world average is 5. Read that again, over and over, until it really sinks in. The world average for nursing is the age of 5. Yet Americans think it is wrong and perverted to nurse a child beyond the age of 2. We are the ONLY country with breastfeeding issues. Read that once again, over and over. We are the ONLY country with breastfeeding issues.

Now enter MYSPACE into the picture. Pun intended. With all of their partial nude pictures aimed to sell anything from space on their website to promoting a certain MYSPACE page, they had the audacity to take down a picture (that was not indecent) from a personal page that showed a mother nursing her child. Can we say "uptight"? OK. So if MYSPACE wants to say No Skin as long and loud as they want, I challenge them to remove ALL of it. Not just breastfeeding photos. We really need to get consistant here.

If this bothers you as much as it's bothered me, don't just rant and rave about it. Do something. Sign this petition and let MYSPACE know they are way out of their league when it comes to making a decision like this. If any skin showing is against their policy, they'd better get busy.....they have alot to take down.