Monday, February 26, 2007

America Speaks-Are they Listening?

Those that are signing the breastfeeding petition blogged about below are not silent. Here are some of the comments left for MYSPACE.

If you're going to ban breastfeeding pics you have to ban your trashy ads too, don't be hypocrites.

Would you rather see pictures of starving children?

Myspace's position on this issue is obscene, not the photos.

Breastfeeding is the most natural thing a woman can do for her child. Most of her breast was covered in the picture and the actual nipple was never even exposed. I breastfed my daughter until she was nearly 2 and I would hate to think that a picture of her doing so would be considered pornographic. What kind of message is that sending to mothers? We are trying to encourage breastfeeding not condone those who do.

Oh my gosh, Heaven forbid we use breasts for what they were MADE for!

MySpace it is ignorant people like you that have turned a natural thing like breastfeeding into something dirty. Shame on you!!

Breastfeeding is sexual? Sounds like you're the ones with the problem. It's how babies eat! It's why we have breasts, and nipples! GROW UP.

Feeding a baby is in no way sexual or offensive. Pictures of nursing babies are no more inappropriate than pictures of bottle-feeding babies.

Breastfeeding is natural not sexual. if you think it's sexual, what does it say about you?

It is just astonishing that MySpace can have so totally missed the complete separation of breasts as food sources from breasts as sexual objects. There's nothing alluring about a breast with baby attached.

Jesus was breastfed.

I have seen a LOT of indecent pictures of scantily dressed teenagers on myspace, why don't you remove those and leave the breastfeeding pictures, those are natural and normal, 14 year old girls barely dressed are not!