Saturday, November 05, 2011

Meet Rachael Lampa

Interview by ~Mary

With the release of Rachael’s eighth album on the horizon, her fans will once again be able to listen to her smooth vocals while contemplating the depth of her lyrics. She has been described as soulful, emotional, energetic, and in a recent interview just minutes before her performance in Nashville, I saw those attributes materialize before my eyes. She is neither jaded nor oblivious to the impact she has on others, and as she explains, that came with a lot of soul searching and forming her relationship with God.

In fact, relationships were all she talked about in our interview. She is interconnected with her fans, her family, her community, and most important, God.

MN: How did your sound check go?

RL: It went great. I love it!

MN: Do you still worry about technical difficulties or get performance anxiety prior to a performance?

RL: Oh yeah, especially if I’m singing a new song or if for some reason family members are in the crowd. I get nervous because I know someone is going to say something. It might not be about the song but they will say “Why did you wear your hair like that?” (laughing)

MN: At the end of the day when you go home, describe the Rachael Lampa no one sees.

RL: I’m a pretty laid-back girl. I usually have people over at my house. I’m big on backyard hangouts. I love sports, especially football so I’m always having people over in the fall season to watch. Now that I’m married, I’ve found myself able to enjoy just being home and watching movies all day. I used to never be able to sit that still!

MN: What are some of the songs you have loaded on your IPod?

RL: I listen to a lot of Stevie Wonder. That never leaves the most recent list. I also love Adele and Natasha Bedingfield right now. I also take in a pretty good dose of Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, NeedtoBreathe, and Mute Math.

MN: What was the writing experience like for you when you wrote or co-wrote the songs on your self-titled album?

RL: Every song was different. Some were songs that I had already started a few years ago that needed to be revisited, some were spontaneous, and some were a struggle to get the words out. Either way each song is born out of a time that I was emotionally, physically, spiritually moved. Whether it was a conversation I had, a movie I saw, or just a moment I had with God.

MN: What can listeners expect on your new album?

RL: They can expect a mixture of emotional songs of pain and healing with songs of celebrating life and the simplicity of living day by day. I wanted to stay true to what I do and have done musically and stylistically so I really stayed in the pop/soul realm for most of it, with touches of throwback and rock. There really is a little bit of everything!

Rachael's cover of Rocketeer is energetic and addicting!

Rachael’s CD titled All We Need released September 27. Order your copy at Rachael You can also see her compete in the NBC musical reality show The Sing Off as part of the group The Collective. Lampa gives back to her community through the organization People Loving

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