Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mary's World After the Show

Pictured left to right-Mike Nichelson, Mike Stockamp, Bobcat Oswalt.

If you missed the show, you missed a wealth of information provided by our panel of Fathers. After a rocky start-technical difficulties with the lead in music-our panel opened up about the hardships and rewards of parenthood, completing the show by answering the question inspired by the movie Courageous, "Are we hitting or missing the mark when it comes to being a Father?"

Mike Nichelson-Well, I think we hit it good with Michael. I mean, he's a good young man. He's got dignity. He still loves the Lord and that's the most important thing. I'm so proud of him, and I know you are, and it's not because he joined the Navy. It's because of the person he became.

Mike Stockamp-I think we hit the mark, myself and Janet. Both girls are adults. One of them has children, the other one is about to be married here. They both have responsibility and they seem to lead a good life and know the difference between right and wrong.

Bobcat Oswalt-I feel like we hit the mark, also, because our children are both serving the Lord, and their wives and our grandchildren are beginning to come to know the Lord so I am real proud.

Tom Burnet-I have a 48 year old son who is in the hospital in Birmingham and we're hoping he qualifies for a liver transplant. This is a real serious medical condition involved. Both of his sisters-who at age oh, let's say 14,15 and 16-were at each other's throats.....all of those things of the teenage years have disappeared and the family has all pulled together around a son who really needs the help. So I'd say it was a good thing.

Pictured-Tom Burnet talks with Bobcat's wife, Cynthia.

Mary-Any final comments?

Mike Nichelson-I just think the most important thing is you know, just spending time with them, and show them right and wrong. Take them to church, teach them about the Lord and just be the best example that you can be because you're not going to be perfect and God will do the rest.

Mike Stockamp-I feel the same way-just lead by example. If you lead a good life, your children will see.....and most likely follow your footsteps.

For Fathers still hung up on the notion that parenting is a pass or fail test, Tom Burnet has a piece of advice. "Everyone has a right to make mistakes or achieve success."

Although Rick Tapp, my brother and father of two, was not physically present for our roundtable discussion, he contributed with his thoughts via email. I asked Rick what the phrase "a mans honor begins at home" meant to him. "For me, my honor begins inside of me as a person. It means having a set of principles and living by them to the best of my ability. If I honor myself and live ethically and morally, that's where honor begins."

When asked about his relationship with God and how that plays into being a father, Rick said "God is Love, and as our Heavenly Father, He wants the very best for us. Knowing that God cares for us as His children is comforting. I'm sure that for every Christian father raising a child, there are many, many opportunities to learn and grow, comparing and integrating our earthly relationships with our children with our relationship with God our Father."

The highlight, so far, of his role as Father came when "Hillary called me Daddy when she was 2. (That) made me feel like I was succeeding."

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