Friday, May 06, 2011

Someone's Son by Brenda Rhodes

As Mother’s we let go of our children many times; when they first learn to walk, when they enter Kindergarten, when they learn to drive, when they marry. Yet, we hope in all of the possibilities of encouraging independence, releasing them into eternal rest is not one of them. We believe that the process of life will permit us to leave first, and spare the Mother’s heart within the ultimate heartbreak. Author Brenda Rhodes was not that lucky. In case the reader believes burying her adult son prematurely was the hardest part of her story, there are many opportunities in which Rhodes had to let go prior to his death, and those times had the greatest affect on her.

Born with a peaceful spirit and the desire to take care of his Mother, Ronal navigated childhood as normally as could be expected, given the periodic shifting and sifting within the family. It wasn’t until adulthood when he showed signs of drug abuse that his easy-going personality morphed and his Mother would be the target in which he would direct his drug induced anger. When he became hostile regarding money-or the lack of-and Rhodes eventually decided helping him was not helping, he warned that she would live to regret it. As he sunk deeper into drugs, homosexuality, homelessness and depression, interventions were tried and failed. It was only when he became terminally ill from AIDS that Rhodes began to see snapshots of that loving son. Hospitalizations were forced drug rehabs, and after his initial detox of several days minus the drugs, he would become the son she always knew. This became a huge consolation for the woman and Mother that was on the receiving end of hostility so fierce, at times she would fear for her life.

It is only through the grace of God that Rhodes remained in tact emotionally while playing a leading role in the heart wrenching demise and eventual death of her son. Ronal pulled her into every crisis he endured, not just to have an emotional punching bag but as proof that even after all of their emotionally charged encounters, Rhodes was still Mom and the only one he found ultimate comfort in. Someone’s Son is a testimony to the strength God gives women to be the Mom they need to be for their individual children, and pays tribute to a man who struggled through life to find the healing arms of Jesus waiting as he passed into eternity. Love permeates through each page of Rhodes’ memoir and bears the hope that no matter what your life looks like to you, God loves you.

“Today I still feel like a little girl most of the time. I am God’s little girl.” What a great reminder that even as we grow up and at times, bear the weight of the world on our shoulders, we are still children being taken care of by a perfect parent. In many ways Someone’s Son points to the imperfection of man that is perfected by a heavenly Father who knows best, and cares about every detail in our lives. As Rhodes struggled with her ability to be a good Mom to Ronal, she learned what a great daughter she was to God-just because. Balancing the many roles of her life, struggling to be the best at them all, in the end, she realized what matters is how well we learn to let go-not only of our children, but of our struggles into the hands of God. Letting go isn’t always a bad thing.

Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Wine Pr Pub (January 5, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9781606150177
ISBN-13: 978-1606150177
ASIN: 1606150170
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