Monday, January 18, 2010

The Scarlet Lady by Carol Everett

At several points while reading, I almost closed the book resigned not to finish. The graphic descriptions of how abortions were done and disposed of by Everett and her posse nauseated me. Everett explained the procedures as nonchalantly as if stating she had a turkey pot pie for dinner and how she fixed it. I had to get to the end of the book in order to see how remorseful she was and it was at that point, I realized I had presumed alot of misconceptions regarding abortionists.

The biggest eye opener was why they do the abortions. In my mind they were cold hearted murderers that needed God to soften their opinion regarding babies. True, it might take a hard hearted person to pull off doing an abortion but the love of murder doesn't drive them to take lives by the minute. It is the love of money. Perhaps, if there is a good verses evil tug of war going on within the industry as I believe there is, evil would want abortionists to be diverted by their greed so that the truth of what they are doing escapes them. That is what Everett found. She had thought these women were bouncing into the clinic, happy to be aborting and she was happy to be helping them abort. Once her eyes were opened, she began seeing women crying as they walked in and became uncomfortable with the "smell of death" in the procedure area. She wanted her name detached from the industry she helped to build.

Another misconception she revealed is that abortionists don't just perform abortions on women in the first couple weeks of pregnancy-they perform early abortions (first trimester) big abortions, (second trimester) and even abortions on women that have a negative pregnancy test. Most botched abortions occur on big abortions, and those are also the ones too big to put down the clinics disposal. Baby body parts have to be wrapped in blankets, paper or towels and hidden.

Everett revealed clearly how the abortionists live with paranoia regarding botched procedures and are dependent on others in the industry to cover for them. That's ok if you have friends in several hospitals, but when your constant mistakes put them at risk because they repeatedly cover for you, it's easy to wonder where you'll be taking the next victim.

Yes, greed drives the machine but power enables it. Once an abortionist realizes the money that can be made, everything else becomes an accounting asset or liability. The concept that these are patients carrying life is oblivious. Clinic employees see the dollar sign and are willing to risk their reputations and career to achieve the wealth.

In a way, that relieves me. To believe there is so much hatred in the world that physicians will take skills they learned in order to save people, and turn them into weapons to kill babies alarmed me. To realize it's not as simple as hatred but instead rests in greed somehow restores a level of humanity to those operating these clinics. However, taking the life of another for the sake of money, is horrible. Maiming lives to buy a bigger house or another car is cold hearted in itself. Everett admits fault and found the road out was long, full of temptations and challenges. How wonderful that God took her experience and now uses it to help those on the opposite side of the argument. If ever a sign of restoration was needed, it's there and in bold print.

Sometimes it takes a deeper understanding of the industry in order to grasp the fullness of the abortion procedure. I've read several books on how to argue and debate the issue, what pro-lifers think and how to strategically maneuver around the pro-choice agenda. This helps, but doesn't illuminate the motives and that's an aspect pro-lifers need to be educated on. Lime 5 by Mark Crutcher was a great expose on the abuse that occurs inside a clinic and touched briefly on the greed, but not as in depth as Everett's biography. If you want to know what's driving the industry and are ready to handle the truth, start with The Scarlet Lady.

Hardcover: 265 pages
Publisher: Wolgemuth & Hyatt Pub; 1 edition (October 1991)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1561210730
ISBN-13: 978-1561210732
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