Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is the way it's suppose to be....

From the WinePress Publishing Guide under the section titled We Will Not Print:
**Anything that offends or denies the deity of Jesus Christ or the triune nature of God.
**Unbiblical or "fad" theology, such as prosperity doctrine and hyped-up revivals.
**Any material that represents or promotes the confusion of Biblical gender roles or relationships, such as women in spiritual authority over men.
**Manuscripts that contain foul language or are crude, sexually explicit, or excessively violent in nature. (This is my personal favorite as many publishers are including secular charactoristics as described above in books they are marketing as "Christian". Not WinePress.)
**Libelous or slanderous content, or any other material that may be deemed illegal or immoral.

If you are looking for a publisher to submit your Christian manuscript to, look no further than WinePress. Obviously, they don't compromise.

Obviously, that matters!