Thursday, August 20, 2009

Secrets Behind Closed Doors by David Ray

One of the greatest attributes of Secrets Behind Closed Doors is that Ray does not write the book from a right/wrong, black/white perspective. Not only is this approach redundant and overdone, it does little in educating the reader or actually helping to resolve behavior. Instead, Ray embraces humanity and exposes what causes different behavior patterns that lead to some of the most controversial dilemmas in our society.

Ray reflects on several instances where, if brought up in a conversation on church property, the most parroted and assumed opinion of the root of the problem would be sin. Thankfully, he names the issue, encourages those experiencing it to call it what it is, and then he offers resolution. No, he doesn’t tell the reader how to settle it but instead offers insight that is sure to shed light on at least one avenue of action. Through the telling of perceptive stories, the presentation of ground breaking research, interviews from those that have previously been in the same situation, and the gift to present both sides without taking sides, Ray's culminating affect is to offer discernment instead of criticism.

Mandatory reading for pastors and counselors, suggested reading for the rest of us, Secrets Behind CLosed Doors is a unique way to approach topics common to our society but often left untouched, especially in religious circles. It’s time to look, really look, at these issues and counsel the “person” instead of the “sin”.

Although written from a Christian perspective, even non believers will find the information presented in a non-judgmental and applicable manner. Ray left his church counseling office and took the good news of working beyond areas of struggle into the readers home-where most of these scenarios occur-saving the reader hundreds in therapy dollars and awkward humiliation. Not preachy or offensive, or even the slightest bit incriminating, Secrets Behind Closed Doors is just plain common sense and loads of information to help resolve tough issues.

Ordering the book-5 minutes.
Cost of book-around $15
Being armed with the know-how from your living room sofa-priceless.

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 224
Vendor: Winepress Publishing
Publication Date: August 2009
Dimensions: 9.00 X 6.00 (inches)
ISBN: 1606150014
ISBN-13: 9781606150016