Friday, July 17, 2009

God Grant Me the Honor of Serving You by Doxy

In God Grant me the Honor of Serving you, Doxy writes with a comfortable dialogue that is meaningful, easy to understand, motivating, and expressive. It is written as a reflective conversation meant to lead and inspire the reader.

Finding Gods will for our life is as imperative as deciding what you want to be when you grow up, but few tackle that endeavor with as much will and determination as a career choice. How does Doxy suggest the reader attempt to do this?

When you develop a relationship with God, you will learn to hear from him and discern his direction for your life. Obedience, faith and trust play into hearing his will and feeling that nudge. You can learn more about his ways for you and give him a pathway to speak to you when you spend time praying. Prayer=communication.

And secondary to developing a relationship to God is knowing that we are called to love. Love God first with all our might and then love each other. When we decide to do this, we will find a world of opportunities in which to minister and achieve the calling God has designed each of us to fulfill.

Again, a strong emphasis is placed on obedience. Obedience as it relates to following Gods written rules (10 commandments) and knowing his design for us is perfect. Add forgiveness, committing our possessions to him, and having faith in his direction and we have a simplistic formula for finding and achieving our spiritual job.

If you doubt your importance or participation within the scheme of Gods plans, Doxy clarifies this, too. As creation unfolds before the readers eyes, it is with conviction that she makes us aware of our significance and the original plan God had intended for us. Because of our ancestor’s choices, there was a Plan B. It is through this Plan B of repentance and forgiveness that we can continue fulfilling God’s purpose for the world.

If the basis of the book doesn’t motivate you, ponder the title. It is an honor to serve God. Knowing that he created each of us to fulfill a certain purpose within his design should excite us enough to willfully seek out that specific purpose. And when you do, Doxy is there to relate the whys and hows to point the reader in the right direction.

Reviewed by ~Mary

Paperback: 100 pages
Publisher: Pleasant Word-A Division of WinePress Publishing (July 4, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1414103484
ISBN-13: 978-1414103488
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.2 inches