Friday, July 17, 2009

The Battle for the Beginning by John Macarthur

With such a bustling life of ministry, John Macarthur has found the time to pen The Battle for the Beginning. It is certainly time well spent, as his thrust for writing the book is succinctly summed up by its title. There is a battle, and it concerns the beginning: our origins and the foundations of creation.

Modern science and its doctrine of evolution have replaced Christianity’s truth of our beginnings as the only answer to our origins. Piece by piece, Macarthur untangles the web of Darwin’s deceit taught in public schools, universities, and anywhere so-called academics congregate.

General revelation is touched upon and how God’s creation can tell us about His existence, but he draws a line between that and special revelation. Special revelation is Scripture and nature certainly cannot tell us creation’s entire story, which sets the tone for how he approaches his explanations of creation. Scripture will come first, and then nature and science will follow or should follow.

The book is well written with easy to read chapters. With many anecdotes that explain the truths of the first three chapters of Genesis, he easily makes his case that the fundamental underpinnings of our faith hinge on believing in a literal creation by an intelligent Creator. Though he is biased and narrowly prejudiced toward the Bible as a standard, as the work unfolds it becomes unambiguous as to the question of why.

Beginning in the first chapter, he begins chipping away at evolution and never relents. Furthermore, he makes a sharp departure from those that would use science to explain Scripture and exposes the fallacies of this method, clearly showing that if anything is evolving, it is scientific theory.

He does this by bringing to light an astounding fact that puts evolution on its heels and proves the veracity of the Bible. It is genetically possible to create a female from a male, but not a male from a female, because a female has no Y chromosome. Here is one point where the Word of God proves that science is correct: Eve came from Adam.

Another point Macarthur stresses regularly is that the Bible portrays a literal, seven day creation, and belief in anything less opens the door for believing anything. Creation and life never evolved, but that doesn’t mean all evolution is false, because science is constantly refined and changed (evolving) to fit the evidence of the intelligent design before us.

Reviewed by Scott Higginbotham

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