Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Voice of the Healer by Amelia Brumm

As I thumb through the front of the book, it is obvious that Brumm is familiar with pain and suffering, yet did not respond by writing about affliction. Instead, her words are neither shallow nor meaningless as she encompasses the circle of pain with the energy of praise and resignation that God is still her beloved.

Broken into three sections, The Voice of the Healer is more than basic religious prose with a theme. It reminds me of the Psalmist David who wrote eloquently about fear, pain and suffering and injustices because he experienced them. Brumm has an identical depth to her writing that can only transpire when you have suffered in one sense or another. She presents not only poetry, but prayers cleverly planted among the colorful wording.

In section one; she tackles the high calling of suffering.
When suffering with Christ
Lift up your sorrows to him.
It works for your healing,
Your salvation, forgiveness of sins.

She speaks of God as the lover of mankind and of his grace and healing power. She never loses sight of him in the middle of her circumstances. In fact, circumstances propel her straight to him.

In section two, Brumm embraces the beauty of our creator. You are one with nature and have a new understanding of Gods creation after reading The Willow Lament and A Sunflower Blessing. How can you not sigh deeply and feel the rustic call of the wild while reading Through the earthly soil, spring breaks forth, watering the earth’s toil, in joyous pleasing colors dressed up in spiritual truths.

In section three Brumm successfully presents the sacrifice of Easter and offers it up as a remembrance of what was accomplished.
At the footstool of the cross,
tear-stained cheeks upward looked,
there, behind those pain-filled eyes
revealed a love for me beyond compare.

To say I was moved by this section of the book is an understatement. I have a deeper appreciation for the one who loved me first and gave so much to prove it.

The Voice of the Healer is a love song from Brumm to her healer as proof that she understands the deeper meaning of life. Instead of viewing suffering superficially and as a curse, she looks beyond it to embrace the spiritual aspects. Each poem is based on scripture with corresponding references given. And yes, for the record, Brumm has suffered enormously through her life. Her story of suffering serves to remind us that when an intruder forces its way into our existence, we can either succumb to it, or reach for a higher meaning. Through The Voice of the Healer, Brumm stands ten feet tall.

Format Paperback
ISBN 1414106033
Publisher Pleasant Word