Thursday, February 19, 2009

Christian Book Expo March 20-22, 2009

Meet Carolyn Brown, author of All You Want and Then Some and 36 other WinePress Publishing authors at the first-ever Christian Book Expo, held at the Dallas, Texas Convention Center from March 20-22.

"During the three-day expo, to which the public is invited, over 140 authors will be leading workshops and seminars, doing book signings and readings, and participating in panel discussions.

Friday and Saturday nights will feature times of corporate worship and inspiration as attendees gather to celebrate the impact of Christian literature. Mark Kuyper, President of Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA), says the evening events will feature innovative multimedia elements as well as multiple authors and music artists. The programs will not be standard keynote speaker events, but will be inspirational, multi-sensory experiences that inspire attendees to read and recommend books to others."

Visit Christian Book Expo to get information on the authors attending, the screening of the film Collision, the GPA Golf Tournament, book awards, author-led panal discussions and more.

The authors scheduled to appear from WinePress Publishing are:

Frank Ball: Eyewitness: The Life of Christ Told in One Story; Eyewitness Stories: Four Reports on the Life of Christ; and Eyewitness Inspiration: Contemporary Vignettes for Life

William Black: Finding Strength in Weakness: A Study of Tribulation and Our Appropriate Response

Kenny Blair: The River Nile

Carolyn Brown: All You Want and Then Some

Richard Brown: Out of the Forest: Re-Engaging in God's Call to Purpose

Amelia Brumm: The Voice of The Healer

Steve Carney: The Great Fruit Inspector

Eleanor Clark: The Eleanor Series

L. Corridon:
Lord, Grant Me the Honor of Serving You

Joan Dautel: Light from the Manger

Nanci Des Gerlaise: Muddy Waters

Kathie FitzPatrick: Angel Promises: Remembering the Youngest Firefighter

Floyd Fought: The Long Road to Goodbye: Our Journey with Alzheimer’s

Elmer “Bud” Frimoth: Bring in the Clowns

David Hamer: American Patriots in Prayer

Verna Harvey: The Blessedness of Waiting on God: How to Deal with the Stress of Holding Patterns

Taryn Hutchison: We Wait You: Waiting on God in Eastern Europe

Debbie Jansen: Discipline Exposed: Surviving fried worms and flying mudballs

Robert Johnston: Sanctification: A New Beginning A New Life

Marsha Key: There's A Snake On My Bed

Daniel Kyuyong Lee: Letters From a Father to His Beloved Son

Rick Lemons: The Race...From Pit Row to Victory Lane

Larry Massa: Catacombs

Patrice Moua: The Other Side of Pain

Lorna Nichols: Big Picture of the Bible -- Old Testament

Betty Odak: Before, After & Beyond Bankruptcy

Peggy Park:
The Power of the Lamb's Blood

Todd Perla: End Times Church Deception

Karen Rabbitt: Trading Fathers

David Ray: Secrets Behind Closed Doors

Janet Ruth: One Nation Under God

Kathleen Sawyer: The Day Sad Arrived

Kali Schnieders: Truffles From Heaven

Deane Schuessler: Devoted to God and Each Other

Dawn Stefanowicz: Out From Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting

Shirley Vogel: Whispers

Jim Walker: Kat's Journey

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