Friday, February 13, 2009

All You Want and Then Some by Carolyn McWilliams Brown

All You Want and Then Some is written as a childrens book, but the stories main theme describing the power of one spoke volumes to me. When Katie's Mom and Dad become busy taking care of her younger siblings, Katie feels left out. That's when she meets Bella. Bella is the neighbor next door who understands Katie's need for one-on-one attention and lavishes her with it. But when Katie's family has to move, Katie wonders what could be as good as Bella where she is going. Little does Katie know she will soon be Bella for her new neighbors.

All You Want points out some wonderful attributes of God's love working in us. When you invest in people, you are teaching them how to invest in others. Your ministry could spark another, even greater ministry. We are reminded that God provides anything we need and some of what we want, (thus All You Want and Then Some, which was actually a phrase used often by the authors own father) even if that provision is a friend.

The illustrations are superior for a childrens book. Some of them are breathtaking and moving as they paint pictures matched evenly with the emotions of the story. My favorite page shows Katie walking into the sunset (or is it "son" set?) pondering "I walked back home wondering if God had moved us next to that family for a reason."

As you absorb the story, you realize that this family seems real-and for good reason as All You Want is based on a true life experience involving the authors encounter with a "Bella". Your children will learn how much God cares for every little prayer they breath, and as parents, you will concede that our service to each other just may be the way he answers those prayers.

WinePress Publishing
Released June 2008