Monday, December 08, 2008

Make Poverty Personal by Ash Barker


If we ever need a reminder that the poor will always be with us and exactly how God views the poor, it is now. There just aren't enough books written to cover the subject adequately or realistically. Our life's ministry should be aimed at those who are considered by society as the lesser ones-whether it be the poor, handicapped, aged, unpopular-those are the target groups that God embraces.

Let's get real-we are all trying to work our way through an economic crisis, but imagine if your life were a non-stop economic crisis. They might have been on top of the world one day but some life altering event changed that and they found themselves on the street. Or perhapes, he is carrying on the path that was modeled for him in previous generations. Or she is an abused wife that took the kids in the dead of night to escape, yet found herself close to poverty stricken instead. It could happen in the blink of an eye. And in the midst of their personal crisis, instead of help, they receive critisism. Or you offer limp promises of prayer, when what they really need is tangable help.

Make Poverty Personal will indeed wake the reader up with a challenge to take our responsibility to each other as seriously as God intended.

208 pages
Chosen Books (Baker Publishing)
To Be Released Feb. 2009
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