Monday, November 03, 2008

The Deuteronomy Project-by Richard B. Couser

“I’d known the Ten Commandments from childhood. But what else could Hal teach me about them? ‘What” I wondered aloud, “did God have in mind when he said……”

And that passage captures The Deuteronomy Project in a nutshell.

Chris, a new believer and attorney, enlists the help of Hal in uncovering the mystery behind the book of Deuteronomy. We have to give him credit for wanting to explore this Old Testament book. How many actually turn to it with enthusiasm, waiting to dig in with both feet to learn the hidden truths buried within the book? And yet, that is exactly what Hal, a retired minister, accomplishes with Chris.

Deuteronomy consists of 34 chapters. As a whole, it is confusing, seemingly irrelevant, and nothing but a historically accurate account of Moses and the nation of Israel. By the time Hal gets through breaking down each chapter, verse by verse, the reader has many of those “light bulb moments” where a previous text made no sense, but all of a sudden became applicable. At its barest, most transparent level, the book of Deuteronomy expresses Gods desire for us to live in harmony with him and each other. It is not an all inclusive set of rules, rather sets the precedence for us in establishing a frame of mind to navigate life with. It also speaks in-depth of his love for us and how his word demonstrates that love.

Author Richard B. Couser reveals the most basic and yet thought provoking explanations for scripture. How industrious to pen this knowledge through the interaction of Chris and Hal, allowing them to ask the questions (and divulge the answers) Bible scholars have asked for centuries. Not only is this novel interesting, and informative, it is written with the expertise of a well seasoned envisionist.

The Deuteronomy Project has questions at the end of the book to promote discussion and deeper study. Forget the concordance. This book will break it down to a level you can understand and apply. I hope Couser has plans to take on other books of the Bible in the same manner. I’d love to see Hal walk Chris through Revelation.

Paperback: 555 pages
Winepress Publishing
Released April 16, 2008
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