Friday, October 31, 2008

Your Scary Halloween Treat

Revelation in Nicholsville by W. Jay Pilgrim
"In this fictional tale about the final days of prophetic fulfillment, W. Jay Pilgrim, MD, doesn’t think his sleepy little hometown of Nicholsville, Kansas, could possibly play a role in any world-staggering event. And he most certainly doesn’t expect to be personally drawn into it on the off chance that it could happen. But he soon finds himself alone and confused in the midst of something. But what is it? Is he experiencing a truth stranger than fiction, or is it just his mind playing cruel tricks on him?

Inexplicable disappearances and medical miracles are woven together in this exciting novel that reminds us of what can happen when ordinary people heed the call to extraordinary service for the Almighty."

From Amazon: "An end-times tale that focuses on a midwestern town where "strange happenings" leads a local doctor half way around the world to solve a mystery that keeps you guessing all the way!"

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Paperback: 452 pages
Pleasant Word Publishing-A Division of WinePress Publishing
Released April 22, 2008

W. Jay Pilgrim has authored one other book since Revelation in Nicholsville titled "Lost and Found". "Is there such a thing as a "soul mate," that certain someone God created just for you to be with forever? Almost everyone has dreamed about meeting and falling in love with that perfect person. But what if "Mr. Right" seems like "Mr. Wrong" the first time you meet him? What if fireworks fail to go off the fi rst time you lay eyes on her? Is love lost forever? This intriguing tale of Dana McGlynn, a star-struck young woman "in love" with her rock 'n roll idol, and Cameron Majors, M.D., a doctor who finds true love close at hand, will answer that question and melt your heart. W. Jay Pilgrim, M.D., a graduate of the University of Minnesota, holds three advanced degrees including Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, and Master of Public Health. Dr. Pilgrim practices medicine at the Cambridge Medical Center in Cambridge, Minnesota. His first novel, Revelation in Nicholsville, a riveting tale of "what if 's" concerning Biblical prophecy, led him to write a "what if " novel about the twists and turns of true love, presented in his exciting new novel, Lost and Found."