Friday, September 05, 2008

Barely Fall Yet 'Tis The Season!

In the spirit of being old fashioned and celebrating Christmas for what it really is, I am recommending the following books. Now, don't wait until December 1st to order these and read them. Do it now. Allow your mind, soul and spirit to embrace the true meaning and see how it impacts your season this year.

What ever happened to the little boy who bought his dying mother a pair of shoes for her last Christmas? He grew up to become a medical student. Actually, Nathan wants to become a doctor and mid-way through his third year as a medical student he meets Meghan and Charlie. You will never forget these characters as they bring back the hope and love into Nathan's life that his mothers death had stolen. Not as much of a tear jerker as "The Christmas Shoes", but very thought-provoking and deep, you will love the way The Christmas Blessing unfolds and ends.

Miranda Carson wants to know the truth about her father, and sets out to learn it when she travels to London to find him. But just as a famous line in a famous movie goes, can she handle the truth? Finding Father Christmas doesn't make promises, yet delivers a story that will cause you to rethink what Christmas should be about-hope. Read this one on a laid back afternoon with a cup of hot tea and enjoy!

And finally an Amish Christmas story for the Amish lovers. A new release by beloved Amish author Wanda E. Brunstetter, White Christmas Pie addresses those that suffer through the season with feelings of bitterness instead of peace-on-earth vibes. Will was raised by good enough foster parents, but he's still dealing with the bitterness of his fathers abandonment some 16 years later. Feast on the true definition of family while enjoying White Christmas Pie. And yes, the recipe for this real pie is in the book. Bake it for yourself!