Monday, September 29, 2008

Compelling Interests by Jessica Shaver

From WinePress Books:

Pro-choice activists care about women. Pro-life activists care about babies. This novel cares about both.

Roe v. Wade was just the beginning…

Following the lives of the women and men who have been branded by their experiences, Compelling Interests presents the drama and complexity of abortion in America from before its legalization to its future repeal.


Cecile Tucker-Thomas, who becomes an abortion-rights activist after experiencing a harrowing, illegal abortion
Joan Andrews, a pro-life activist, who practices nonviolent protest
Gwen Nakashige, who works quietly to place unwanted babies in adoptive homes
Drs. Richard Michaelson, Julius Guy, and Pat O’Connor, abortion providers
James Weatherill Weiss, US Supreme Court justice
Mariana Hernandez, a mother of four who founds a maternity home
Artyce Lancaster, an adoptive mother and leader of a national pro-life organization

ISBN 1414106297
Publisher Pleasant Word