Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fiction That Will Keep You in it's Grip

Coral Moon is another thriller guaranteed to keep you up at night. The second in the Kanner Lake series and reported by readers as better than its predecessor "Violet Dawn", Coral Moon is an unprediactable ride from start to finish. With suspense that will have you second guessing every noise you hear while reading it, and charactors so real you'd swear you know them personally, Coral Moon is a must read for any serious reader of christian fiction.

In book #1 of the Sisters of the Heart series, Hidden is another Amish read you won't put down easily. Shelley Shepard Gray introduces us to Anna, a charactor not so perfect but authentic. When she decides to leave her abusive boyfriend who, by the way, has won over everyone but Anna, to retreat to a bed and breakfast to start over, she finds the road to starting over rocky. Amish fans will love this one by a young, new author.

A Passion Redeemed is #2 in The Daughters of Boston series. Full of sincere, pure passion, we follow Charity O'Connor as she complicates life for her sister, Faith, by setting out to steal her fiance, Mitch. And Charity always gets what she wants. In book one she was not a good sister to Faith. Will that continue in this sequal? A great afternoon read that will have you contemplating the ending until the last page.