Monday, July 07, 2008

Why The Forbidden is #1 reported The Forbidden by Beverly Lewis is the #1 best selling christian fiction book currently. After completing the book, I can give you 6 reasons why this book is #1 and should be on your summer read list.

#1-This sequel and #2 in the Courtship of Nellie Fisher series is all about doing the right thing. That and demonstrating what the mercy of God is all about.

#2-Nellie Fisher makes a tough decision regarding her love interest, Caleb. In The Parting, all she wanted was Caleb, but is he the "right" one for her, in spite of what her heart tells her?

#3-Zach is guilt ridden over Suzy's death. He should have known she couldn't swim. That day was suppose to end with him asking her to go steady and the giving of a bracelet to her. Instead, all he has left of her is a photo and, wait, is that something sparkling on the bank? Could it be the bracelet? With his brother, Christians help, he puts Suzy to rest. And that means making contact with an important person.

#4-Katy has more than a mild case of post partum. Although Rosanna tried to comfort her, the only thing she wanted was her son back. And that she got. When the twins are seperated, it's up to Bishop Joseph to decide what will happen. At the last possible moment, a decision is made that will leave your face tear-stained. Doing the right thing is painful. But doing right always is.

#5-Rhoda has decided she wants away from the Amish ways and sets out to shed her association. She learns to drive, wears "fancy" clothes, and allows an Englisher to woe her. Is she flirting with a life she will not be happy with in the end, or making her move into a world that will bring her the happiness she is seeking?

#6-Nellie is shocked that her parents have fallen for the new way. Will she part ways with her family? With her moms faithful prayers and her fathers faithful Bible reading, a change is in the air.

This is more than a good Amish read, it is thought-provoking. Not so much a hanky-grabbing book, but more in the way of showing how faith in God and his mercy actually works. It's a treasure.

Bethany House Publishers
350 pages