Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Watch for These upcoming non-fiction Releases

The Outward Focused Life is a great call for christians to serve. With an endorsement by Steve Sjogren, author of "The Conspiracy of Kindness", you know it's a plea for servanthood.

Quitting Church emphasis is on why, as the title implies, there is a "mass exodus" fleeing the church and what can be done to discourage it.

Simple Small Groups takes the guess work out of finding success in one of the greatest tools to church growth in the last 10 years. Find out why Saddleback church found great success using small groups within it's community.

Linking Arms Linking Lives crosses the urban and suburban barrier to show how ministry can be acheived to both. Most modern churches find a division in their congregation between suburban and urban American which poses a ministerial challenge. Not anymore, according to the author.

Two books to help you become a leader of influence: Leadership Reconsidered and Leading Cross-Culturally

You can visit Bethany House Publishers for more information on these books and others soon to be released. They can be purchased through Bethany House, CBD and Crossings as well as your favorite book store.