Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rags Blue-"In Light of You"

Rags Blue is about as diverse of a group as it gets. The sound of Jazz mixed with contemporary Christian has never sounded so archaic, yet so new. The first song, “In Light of You”, which is the title track, is old school jazz at its absolute best. If you aren’t moving at least a little while the song plays, check your pulse. The next track “Meant to Be” is a smorgasbord of the best sounds in modern music. Imagine the percussion from Chris Rice, mixed with British invasion 1980’s keyboard, added to the whining guitars of the ‘70’s. “I Need You” is an ancient call to worship -sounding much like what King David would write. “You are Greater” is a contemporary song you’d hear on any top 40 Christian radio station. A common message with an original twist makes the difference, though.

Musician and vocalist, Matt Duran, wrote all of the tracks, and that is the greatest accomplishment of the cd. With various genres on one cd, all capitalizing on its individual sound, it is a true listening experience. Duran’s smooth vocal carries a depth that is compelling. He rouses the soul in a gentle way, calling those things forward that God placed within each of us generations ago. You realize how much he loves God, mankind and life itself after listening to his compilation. “Sweet Georgia” is a perfect example of this.

Whether you are looking for contemporary Christian, smooth jazz, old school jazz, or a little rock and roll, Rags Blue does it and does it well. “In Light of You” is their debut cd, but I’d bet the 12” quesadilla at Mad Cactus that it won’t be their last.