Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I love the new year. But not for reasons that others do. I don't make resolutions because face it, they end up "gone in 60 seconds". I have goals and focal points in life, but that is not the same. No. I love the new year because it brings another year into my life. Another year to watch my kids grow into the people they are meant to be. Another year to love and grow closer (and older) with my husband. Another year to try and change the world through any means possible.

That is a challenge. You see, my overall goal is this. I want to raise children that impact the world in a positive way. I want to somehow impress the need to reach down to those that "can't" and help. I want to see them do extraordinary things for mankind, yet I am an average mom. How can I, the average, raise kids to do wonders for the world? I want my husband to have the best wife, one that he can trust and be proud of, one he admires and calls his friend as well as his lover. Yet, I am but an average woman. Could I ever acheive that for him?

I want to do something to change the poor in the country, but how? And I'm not just talking about those without financial wealth. I mean those that are poor in vision, poor in knowledge, poor in compassion. One of the most profound lines ever spoken in a movie was when, in Patch Adams, Robin Williams looked to heaven and told God that instead of resting on the 7tn day, he should have used it to work on mans compassion for each other.

So with a new year comes more chances to do what I can to impress my children to raise the standard. Another year to cherish my husband. And just maybe, an opportunity to use my passion for compassion to make a difference.