Monday, December 03, 2007

Tis the Season

I was at the hair salon on Saturday and saw a big cardboard box used to collect cans of food for the hungry. I've never seen it in there before-but wait. Collecting cans for the hungry is a seasonal thing. Like allergies. {rolling eyes} Where are those boxes January through October? Do the hungry only get hungry and fed at Thanksgiving time and Christmas? Why can't we be aggressive about collecting food the other 10 months a year?

Toys for Tots does the same thing. They collect toys for those that won't have a Christmas due to lack of finances. How about "School clothes for Tots". Those same kids will need clothing during the next school year. Or "School supplies for Tots." Why not set out boxes to collect school supplies next summer?

Those in need, need things all year long. Although it's nice that certain organizations remember them at Christmas, it would be nice to remember them all year long. Not with their "wants', but with their needs. Toiletries. School supplies. Clothing. It's noble to remember others at this time of year. It's totally selfless to do so all year.