Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Due" and "overdue"

Today was my original due date. Yes, you read that right. In the Spring, dh and I found out we were expecting our 3rd child. Because I am considered high risk, we had *lots* of ultrasounds and found out in my 11th week (yes, the 11th week) that we were having another boy. Our third. Today is the day I was considered "due". God had other plans and on November 6th, our baby Adam joined us. Three weeks early, but healthy.

On the other hand, I think I am overdue in taking on some recent issues. For instance, the "perceived" draught caused by a lack of rain here in Georgia. Ok. So we have been short on rain this year, but lets put the problem in proper perspective. Back in the 50's, it was documented that with the current trend in building and population increases in Atlanta, if something wasn't done soon, Atlanta would be facing a water shortage. In 2002, Sonny Perdue used the water shortage crisis as his platform in getting elected to the Governors chair. He promised to dig reservours and that was enough to make Georgians flock to the polls and elect him. Have we seen him follow through on those promises? Heck, no. Nothing, absolutely nothing has been done. Here, 57 years after it was documented that Atlanta was headed for a water shortage, we find ourselves in a state wide shortage. Whoa. Psychic prediction? Give me a break.

What further infuriates me are the watering bans placed on the citizens of the state, while the state continues to send water southward to help keep animals alive in the swamp. First off, don't send water away to preserve animals if we are in a shortage. Second, poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. You-wonderful powers that be in the state capitol-had since 1950 to manage this problem. If you haven't decided by now it was worth your effort, don't pass the responsibility on to the citizen. And as for the blame game, it is not overuse of water or even a rain shortage that caused this crisis. It was brought on by negligence and a lack of planning. Those are not facts CNN will expose though. The media, for fear of calling an ace an ace, will not address the source of the problem. Instead, we parrot what they tell us. Lack of rain and overuse. It's time to think for ourselves and call it what it is, and stop referring to it as it is not. Negligence, not draught.

Does that mean we should stop praying for rain? Absolutely not. We need all we can get. But even if God allowed it to rain for 40 days and 40 nights straight, if the powers that be can't be good stewards of that rain, it won't help at all. Fix the problem and then the rain will be of use to us. Without a plan in place, the rain won't help.

I am currently reading several things. Deanna Favre's book "Don't Bet Against Me" chronicals her fight against breast cancer. More than a personal story of breast cancer, or a view into her marriage with Brett Favre, it is a story of courage and survival.

Another good read is Kay Warren's "Dangerous Surrender". She tells how she became involved in helping the AIDS community. Not just another 'look what I did' read, it inspires the reader to get involved in the world around them. Getting involved in what life is about. As her husband Rick Warren once said "It's not about me." We have to get to that point that we realize it's really not about us.

And then I am reading a manuscript that I hope makes it to print. It needs to. I wish I could say more about it, but lets just say this is a read that will have some well-known authors taking note.

I'm back in the saddle again. For better or worse. Have a great day!