Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It Doesn't Take Much to Have a Pardigm Shift

Take a normal, healthy 4 year old that has energy to spare and strike him suddenly sick. That's when it happens. Your money can't buy his health so you make every bargain with God to return his healthy, pink cheeks to him. Yesterday, our 4 year old was sick. Croupy cough, lethargic, the sparkle gone from his eyes. Today, although he is still coughing, he is dancing the dance of a 4 year old. Wanting to eat chocolate chips and bounce around the living room acting out his favorite scene from The Incredables. Those things normally bother me. Not today. In fact, those things today remind me that God answered my prayer and he is exactly how he should be. An energetic 4 year old that is more curious than that famous monkey.

I am still praying, though, making the deals with God for hubby. If anyone has more energy than our 4 year old, it is hubby. To see him in bed, sleeping off the affects of the same cold virus is almost as sad as watching a lethargic 4 year old. I know before long he'll be back to picking on me, being his typical energetic morning self, and I'll love it. That's because when the stakes are down, nothing, nothing is more important than your family and their health.