Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Where Does God Belong?

God doesn't belong in politics. (This is a popular argument now. Church and state should not collide-according to the argument)
God doesn't belong in schools. (We no longer have prayer. It's a moment of silence.)
God doesn't belong in the courthouses. (We've taken down the 10 Commandments)

So I wonder, where does he belong? Confined to the church on Saturdays, Sundays or Wednesdays? You may even argue that there is no God. How did "God" become such a dirty word? It didn't help when we all got "politically correct". Life became a club. It didn't matter what your belief system, you could join. The politically correct generation executed our moral and value system right in front of our eyes. While we were busy welcoming one and all, the values and morals of our country sliding down hill fast, we became self-righteous. You didn't have to believe in the Bible's teachings anymore....or, rather, what Bible were you talking about? Anyone can write a Bible now and it be considered an acceptable religion. And if you don't embrace those beliefs, you are a class 1 bigot. Besides, who needs religion-they argue. We have everything we need within ourselves.

I ask these questions because I remember learning in history class about our founding fathers and their spirituality. It wasn't swept under the carpet. If you didn't believe in God and embrace the 10 commandments you couldn't hold office or make political decisions. You were not in the right frame of mind to do so. Not that all of them, or any of them for that matter, were perfect. Atleast they had a standard and for the sake of public office, they upheld that standard. That is another thing the politically correct generation did. They changed our standards. Lowered the bar. And guess what? It's so low, anyone can live up to it. Do your own thing, don't get caught, and if you do, lie until it is proven otherwise. And then, you can either apologize to save face or you can claim it is a conspiracy.

Let's erase all religions for a minute. Let's look at the 10 Commandments as normal citizens trying to do the best we can. This is not a religious thing...just for a moment.

*Remember the sabbath and keep it holy. Rest for a day. Set it apart and let your mind and body rest. That doesn't sound like a bad idea.
*Do not murder. I think we would all embrace a society that didn't murder.
*Do not commit adultry. This isn't something super spiritual. It's meant to keep the family in tact.
*Do not steal. Again, pro-peaceful society.
*Don't bear false witness to your neighbors. (Don't lie) Pro-peaceful society.

5 of the 10 commandments are to generate a peaceful society. How are these a threat to our society? It seems as if the 10 Commandments have been twisted to represent some version of mind control that is detrimental to our society. Any religion that wants our society to be a better place should embrace them. Yet, in a politically correct world, God is not wanted. He is banned from the club. Amazing that those who tried hard to include everyone's beliefs have shunned anyone that believes in God. He makes them umcomfortable. He holds them to "a standard".

In a pre-election brain storm, I wonder how we got so turned around and how what was right became wrong. The only conclusion I can come to is that the politically correct made room for immorality and is slaughtering morality in the process. It's no wonder our society is confused and messed up. We have no code of ethics anymore. It's all a matter of what you perceive wrong to be.

Maybe the question for the '08 election should be "What is your code of ethics?" That matters more than political party or the political resume. That will give us an indication of what the next 4 years should be like.