Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Politics Delivers a Low Blow

By now I'm sure you've heard John Kerry's foot-in-mouth moment. He claims it was a dig against the President but came out rather as a dig against those serving our country. He stated "those unable to navigate the country's education system get stuck in Iraq". You decide.

In the meantime, how can a self-proclaimed patriotic Vet get to the place that in the game of politics, he referances our military for anything besides a pat on the back for their sacrifices? How do you serve your country in the armed forces and use the same as an insult? Where is this patriotic pride that most Vet's I know carry in spite of the fact they live with daily physical pain to remind them of their service? Try reading Political Pistachios blog and tell me he isn't patriotic in spite of. No matter where you stand on the Iraqi issue, or whether you agree or disagree with Bush, using the military in the game of politics should get you a one way ticket out of Political Valley never to return. There are some things that should never be said-not even in the game of politics. Knowing the "rules" of fair fighting should be manditory to residence in Political Valley.

We have created our own Civil War by creating 2 dominating political parties. No one ever discusses the problems or policies of running the nation. The talk centers around what we believe and how that fits nicely into the party we chose. We discuss people that represent our political views and defend them as if our own reputation rode on their coat tails. I think the face of politics has to change to see real change. We need to take the face of political representatives and cast it into the fire and begin, once again, to discuss strategies and policies. Not people. Correct me if I'm wrong, but much of the platform of this mid-term election is "We have no answers to this nations problems but Bush sucks." And that platform is echoed by Dems and Repubs. (quote taken from Jarhead John's blog) It seems as if all is fair in love and war and politics. Even back stabbing the very country you served.

Maybe you're not happy with the President. I challenge you to come up with a plan that insures our countries security, prospering economy, border patrol and a better health care system than what's currently inplemented. Let's stop talking about the people of politics and let's start talking policies. That's my mantra. Policies, not politics. Because at the heart of everyone, whether you are Democratic, Repubican, Independant or none of the above, you care about the issues that impact our lives. It's easier to make those currently in office look bad. It's easy to say you will do better. Impress me. Tell me specifically what you will do. I don't want to hear why you qualify for office. I don't want to hear why you are better than the one currently in office. Tell me how you will handle the issues important to me, a voter. Stop the playground game of name calling and act like an adult. Give me solutions.

Policies, not politics.