Sunday, October 08, 2006


In a recent post I mentioned muscle-heads and the desire of some men to be muscular to impress women. I stuck to the old term "tall, dark and handsome".

I am not shallow enough to stake a relationship on looks nor do I condone it. I was making a point-though in a round-about way-that what men think women find attractive is not always so. I have wondered many times if my readers would mistaken my point because it was not clear enough. I don't believe you have to be attractive to be relationshop worthy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyway. To me, looks are shallow. My hubby keeps me laughing with his sense of humor. He's compassionate to my pain. He is sensitive and empathetic to the pain of others. He's generous with his time, talent and money. I got lucky. Those qualities mean alot to a woman. Atleast to me. But if you are bent on spending your time becoming attractive to women, then....think tall, dark and handsome. Not musclehead.