Tuesday, October 03, 2006


My hubby showed me these photos not long ago and we both just stared-totally dumbfounded. Hubby has been into bodybuilding for years-long before I met him some 18 years ago. At one time, he wanted to compete. So if he is disgusted by the sight of guns this big, it's really something.

I never thought I would date/marry a jock. I figured guys who worked out were self-absorbed, leaving little room for another. I refused to compete with anyone-even his reflection in the mirror. But I realized not all jocks were the same. Or if hubby was, love was blind to it.

I still don't understand why guys think us women are impressed with super big muscles. TALL-DARK-HANDSOME. Those are the 3 words that describe what pretty much any woman looks for. No where in history, no where now is it written "Women love super muscular men". In fact, most women I talk to say it's a major turn off.

I say leave the muscles to those that can earn a living posing. But for the average Joe next door.....{shaking head}.....remember,TALL-DARK-HANDSOME.