Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I received the following email from Stu, the current "minister" of Revolution in Atlanta. It was formed by Stu and Jay Bakker-Jim Bakkers son. This email sums up what they are trying to do to heal the hurt many have faced due to organized religion. I am in awe of anyone who sees a need and actively meets that need. They aren't just talking around the dinner table...they are in action!! This ministry is close to my heart simply because my heart goes out to those that have been told they aren't good enough for God's love. Those with tatoos, prostitutes, the homeless, the crippled, the unborn......anyone who has been shunned by society, I hurt with and for.

I have heard the words: "Think Outside The Box" several times in the last week. Each time, it was my wife Cristy's voice in response to some idea I had or something I probably sounded very "traditional" about. Being honest with myself; I have to admit she is right. I have these pre-conceived notions about what church should look like. The sad part about those notions is that every time they rear their ugly heads I remember how much I dislike them.

I have spent the last few years at Revolution re-evaluating everything that I know about what a church should look like, how things should be done in a church and even what it means to be a Christian. I am convinced that traditional thinking and methods are no longer working. I have learned, and am still learning about the love, the mercy and the grace that Christ, and a life in Him offers us. These truths are fresh and new to me every day.

Since the first day Jay and I discussed his going to New York and my stepping into this role at Revolution Atlanta, my prayer has been the same; "God I can't do this, but I will. I will count on you to do it through me. I promise I will stay out of your way the best that I can. I will to do whatever you ask me to do if you will only make it clear to me because, sometimes, I have a hard time seeing."

God has honored my prayer. Where he has taken us in a few short weeks is amazing. Everything that I have seen as a "setback", God has used as a stepping stone. I have also tried to keep my end of the bargain by staying out of His way; and it seems to be working. His latest blessing is Studio B!

Sunday October 8th, 2006, at 4PM we will begin to meet at 10 Krog St., Studio B, Atlanta, GA., and I can't express how much I would love for you to be there.

God has given me a passion to see those who have been hurt, turned off,confused or abused by the Church to come to an understanding of the Grace of Christ. He has given me a passion for the generations younger than mine, a passion to see the hopes and dreams of these generations fulfilled, and I have committed myself to that. I committ myself to you and to your dreams and your hopes and to your life. I won't always know what I am doing; but I will always know why I am doing it. I won't always do everything right; but I will always try to do the right thing.