Sunday, October 22, 2006

Anonymous Mommies Rock!!

Yesterday, we took the kids to the circus. While waiting for the show to start, I noticed a young mother with what looked to be a 6-9 month old sitting right behind us. She had left something in the car and put the baby on her hubbies lap to go get it. As she walked away, the baby started crying. And crying. And then screaming. Fortunately for him, the show started within a few minutes and he was preoccupied.

Not long after she got back and settled in, I hear her laughing and turn around to see the baby kissing her on the lips, wrapping both of his chubby arms around her neck in a hug, and then start the process all over. She was torn between pride and embarrassment. "He's tired" she said, almost sounding like an apology. He continued the process, eyes heavy like a drunks, until sure enough, he fell over asleep in her lap. For the rest of the show she cradled him, playing with his face, looking at her "sleeping angel" more times than not.

This anonymous mom was in love with her young boy. She was in love with motherhood. In this day and age, it is hard to find a young woman totally living for her baby like that. It reminded me of a mom I saw at the zoo a few years ago that was breast-feeding her baby on a bench. As loud as the anti's yell that is should be done in a bathroom stall, she chose to do it outside, while the birds sang, discretly on a bench. In nature, being a mom naturally.

I wish I could see this display of mommy-love more often. The sort of moms that live for and love their children to the extent of doing what's best for them-in spite of what the rest of the world says you should or shouldn't do. For all the mommies out there that place their children at the top of their priority list, I say you rock! You hear so much about the Titus 2 woman. Well I say Titus 2 women don't have to be older. You can learn alot from younger women, too, you know!!