Monday, October 23, 2006

4 Die in Isreal Following Flu Vax

Surprising results from flu vax may catch the pro-vaxers off guard. In my opinion, those this article reports on should never have been given the vax in the first place.

Any vaccine you or your children get is nothing but a small amount of the disease you are trying to protect yourself against. The theory is that the body builds an immunity to the said disease and you should have no problems if exposed. The problem with the theory is this. You can not discount the risk in introducing the disease-however small the amount-into the human body. Each person reacts differently. You can do studies all day long on thousands of people and get a "guestimate" of what to expect, but not everyone will fall into that catagory. The risk factors are always understated-on any medication, in my opinion.

My second problem with these Isrealis getting the vaccine is why in the world would you introduce a virus into a body whose immune system is already compromised by other illnesses? They were all sick with other diseases. The theory of the body building an immunity is shot down since the immune system is struggling already. I can't imagine a physician that states they are upholding their oath "First do no harm" vaccinating an already sick person. (Unless it is a rare case of the patient being at a higher risk without the vax)

If and when you get your vax don't do it if you are fighting a cold or some other sickness. Again, they won't tell you so I will. They say it doesn't matter. Use common sense. Protect your immune system. It is the building block of your health.