Friday, September 22, 2006

E Coli Warnings Should not be Limited to Spinich

In todays news, 2 more deaths may be linked to spinich. We are told that the manufacturers and packaging facilities in California are to blame. Until we know the origin of the E Coli, we are told not to eat spinich. What the authorities aren't suggesting, but I am, is that we stop eatting anything that comes from the same facilities. Earthbound, a popular organic company in California is in the middle of the investigation and they package lettuce, specifically Romaine Lettuce, at the same facility. Since authorities aren't sure how the spinich has been infected, and since they admit it could be tainted in the packaging process, doesn't it make sense to avoid the lettuce that is packaged in the same facility? I know if that were suggested to any of the media mic-holders, the financial impact on our produce would be substantial, so once again, the health of the American people comes second to corporate profits.

They won't say it, but I will. Look at the labels on ANY produce you buy. If it comes from California, eat at your own risk. Sometimes we have to use common sense instead of waiting for some authority to give us permission to do or stop doing something.