Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cocaine is Legal!!

There's a new drink on the block and it threatens to over-rule any other caffienated drink out there. If, that is, it goes over as big as it's promotors are hoping. The website boasts you will crash due to the high sugar amounts and not the drug. Who wants to "crash" anyway?

According to this article in London's Daily Star, Cocaine has 3 1/2 times the caffiene content as Red Bull and it lasts up to 5 hours. It also has an ingredient that numbs the throat like the drug Cocaine. Don't you think there is something dangerous or immoral about re-producing the effects of street drugs? Or is it a safe adventure one can take without the major side affects? Something in me isn't sure, but I wouldn't be too happy if my 16 year old came home carrying the can, either. Maybe the drink wouldn't be so bad if it were named something else. It would just be another "Red Bull" wanna be. I guess the marketers knew that so they came up with this "awesome" idea for a name. Go back to the drawing board, fellas.