Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Rick and Dawn will Totally Understand

I fell off the truck today. I got so freakin' hungry...I cheated.

After making sure I don't eat carbs except veggies and healthy cereals, I cheated in the worst of ways. I had just gotten so hungry, and I knew I'd be eatting a salad for dinner so I fixed a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. GASP!! 2 Pieces of wheat bread, 2 pieces of highly processed Kraft cheese, and butter. Ok-I didn't use the partially hydrogenated spread, I used real butter. Did I redeem myself at all? I have to say I was actually giddy cheating. I wondered if Rick felt that way when he ate his pizza a couple of weeks ago.

Ya know, it's ok to be really health conscience, but it's better to cheat every now and then. And that cheese sandwich? Gone in 60 seconds.

UPDATE:Dawn, I just read your journal entry for today. So you fell off the truck last night, eh? Atleast I am in good company! We've got to be easier on ourselves. I can just hear mom..."You're too hard on yourself". LOL