Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Mike's company picnic was at Six-Flags on Saturday so we took the kids and had a family day together. The first in a long time. I really want to dispute the definition of "kiddie rides" to the owners of the park, though. Being the fraidy-cat that I am, I offered to take Jonathon (4) on his rides and Mike and our oldest, Michael (16) could ride the big coasters together. So off I go to "kiddie land". We get inline to ride a kiddie-coaster. I screamed the whole time. That coaster had to have traveled 20-30 mph around the track, down into a dark tunnel, sideways....did I mention I have anxiety issues and it doeasn't take much to throw me into a panic attack? LOL I was making deals with God...."if you get me off this thing alive I'll pledge a million dollars to charity...."

I let dh do the kiddie rides after that. The carasel (sp) was the extent of my action for the rest of the day.

Dh and Michael decided to do this thing that is like bungie jumping but you free-fall down 175 feet...it's like a giant swing. I LOL as they were being pulled up. You could tell they were making their own deals with God at that point. As they swung down, you could hear them hooping and hollering. They will never forget that. Dh said when he got pulled up as high as they were going, he pulled the rope thinking the sooner the better. And he did admit to saying his prayer. :-)

Dh and I are doing a home study course group through our church. They are really big into home groups and I love it because I love studying the Bible in a group. I love to hash and rehash meanings to different verses. I like that way more than being preached at. Anyway, the topic this 6 weeks is marriage. Did you hear that? The angels sang as I typed marraige. LOL I fully expect to argue more with dh for the next 6 weeks than ever before. It just happens that way.

Michael (16) has given up wrestling. He told me last night that he wants to do something else, and I cocked my right eyebrow up and said "Not Football." He said no, he wants to train for Ultimate Fighting Championships. Did you hear that? The angels again. LOL I said "You sure you don't want to play Football?" (Atleast the players wear protective gear) In case you haven't seen UFC on tv it is ruthless. It combines boxing, marital arts and just plain street fighting. You basically beat a guy to the brink of death. Lucky for me he can't engage in real matches until he's 18. Darn. He'll be in the Marines by then. :-)

So that's the extent of my ramblings today. I have not been MIA. Just TIRED. LOL Dog days of August I guess.