Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kindness verses Abuse of Freedom

I try to stay out of politics. Honest I do. I am not versed enough in some areas to be able to hold my ground in a debate. Sometimes all I know is how I feel and I can't back it with concrete evidence-just a feeling. I think that is part of being a woman. That whole intuition thing. I do get really steamed about some issues-border patrol and illegal aliens is one of them.

First off, I am kind to all foreigners because the Bible makes it clear to remember the foreigners as we were once foreigners. Being kind to them, and allowing those that come into the country illegally claiming American rights are 2 different things. I understand America is much different than other countries. This really is the land of opportunity. Foreigners know this. If I were born elsewhere, I'd beg, steal and borrow to get here, too. I don't avoid the corner gas station or Dairy Queen because it is owned by a foreigner. I support it with no regard to the owners origin. I believe we are fair to those that enter the country to better their families. They get better breaks than Americans do. Which is why I really get steamed when I hear that someone tries to sneak in and then hollers injustice because they want rights that aren't theirs. Case in point a man sneaks across the border and now sues because the border patrol did their job. What??? Can you explain how our country got to such a place that we allow stupid lawsuits like this? Oh yeah. I remember. It started with someone ordering HOT coffee at McDonald's and the patron got burned from drinking said HOT coffee. Does anyone know if the "citizens arrest" law is still around? I would love to use my power as a citizen and arrest those that try to frivilously use our courts. We have men and women fighting for the freedom in this country and someone wants to use it like this? Total abuse of freedom. I think I would use my power to declare these people mentally incompetant. And their lawyers? Well, that's a whole 'nother post.

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