Saturday, August 12, 2006

John Hagee heads up Christians United For Isreal CUFI

On one hand this is a meritable move:to insure we back Isreal. However, Hagee wrote in his recent book Jerusalem Countdown that we need to stand with Isreal against Iran to bring in Armageddon. Some of his critics say he is trying to force prophecy. If you become a supporter of CUFI, what are you supporting, Isreal or Armageddon? Here is the article with comments from readers to keep you busy reading for a while. Critics include protests and tongue-in-cheek editorials. It's becoming more dense and confusing. To back Isreal may not be as simple as "it is written". By the way, if you read the article and readers responses, it is quite sad, yet you can understand some of the animosity against religion. One writer says he can't wait for the rapture to rid the world of all believers. Another says that he doesn't want a world war, just world deliverance of believers. Another writer says that IF there is a God,(major question in his mind) why would he need a religious leader to light the match to bring in the end of the world? (good point!!)