Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hero Gets Sued

You know me and frivilous lawsuits....well, here's another one.

Imagine surviving Katrina. You come out from the rock you hid under and see the devastating flood waters. You hear the cry for help coming from houses around you. You see an empty boat, floating. You hop in that boat and start rescuing people from flooded out homes. One, in fact is a diabetic that needs insulin. Other rescuers are swimming along side the boat with you, carrying oxygen tanks to those that need it. Instead of a pat on the back, you get sued.

John Lions, the owner of the boat is suing the man who used his boat to rescue flooded victims. Lions claims the rescuer-an attorney-used his boat to rescue people just to make a name for himself to benefit his law practice. WHAT?????

Dear Mr. Lions, it is possible for people to do nice things without wanting or needing a kick back for it. My best guess is you are jealous that you haven't gotten your 15 minutes of which you are guilty of glory-seeking...the very thing you are suing another for. I hope the judge throws you and this suit out to the curb. I hope your attorney receives so much negative publicity from this that he is forced to close his practice. You are abusing the system.

And I hope the rest of the world will not be hindered in doing good will for others on the account of people like Lions. The rescuer was asked if, in light of the suit, if he would do it all over again. Without missing a beat he said "In a minute flat." Take that Lions!!!