Friday, August 25, 2006

Cruise No Longer Top Gun

So Paramount Pictures has had enough. Welcome to the real world. For once, Hollywood is imitating life.
Tom Cruise has found he is no longer the most popular kid on the block. But what do you expect? Couch jumping, public criticism regarding psychiatric medications, controlling behavior...the list goes on. I am glad to see that he is finally being brought into accountability for his odd-actions. It has seemed, in this writers opinion, that he has held himself above the law of the peoples critique, so to speak. In other words, he thought he could do no wrong.

I have never been one to go ga-ga over actors. Or musicians. Or celebrities in general. I had one poster on my wall while growing up and that was of Michael J. Fox. I view all people on the same level. Because strip the wealth or lack of it and we are all the same. I do not let others intimidate me. If I want to look like "that", I can have the surgery and flaunt a taunt face or implants that double as floatation devices, too. If I want money like Mr. Own-alot-of-casinos, I can do that, too. I'll have to make the sacrifice of time and my family in the process, but I could be like him, too. That doesn't impress me. The heart of a person impresses me.

Which is why I thrive on a situation where a powerfull person is brought into accountability. In this case, Cruise is learning the hard way that his money and sucessful movies mean little if you can not conduct yourself in a mature manner. It's a lesson a few more in Hollywood could stand to learn.